Having worked with Ealing BID for a few years providing mobile skate parks and skateboard workshops, we were first in line to be offered a vacant shop premises on Ealings’ Bond st when one so happened to become available.

The catch was that the building had a hearty skips worth of rubbish in it, no floor to speak to of and needing re-wiring and a new ceiling.
We got busy, and a month or so later found ourselves managing a shop, from where we ran our business for two years having a decent amount of office space out the back.

We tried to make the shop a community space where everyone was welcome, so working alongside some local folks, the space was used for everything from Yoga and dance classes, to art shows and skateboard lessons. And the odd shin dig. Building a ramp as a central feature in the shop gave the locals somewhere to skate when it was raining and made staying late at work no bad thing.