Relentless. Goliath

This is the largest skateboarding and BMX structure ever built outside the U.S.

We undertook all aspects of the design and build, and as nothing like this had been built in the U.K before or since, it was hugely rewarding to see how popular it was. The scaffold tower stood at 46 feet, with the gap in the middle being 21 feet before hitting the 13.5 feet high quarter pipe. It is an awesome structure.

What we did for Relentless

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About King Ramps

Set up in 2006 by then pro skater Pete King, King Ramps is Europe’s premiere company for portable skate ramps and parks, skate park design build and maintenance, skateboard and BMX events, provision of pro riders and workshops. Born out of a passion for skateboarding and ramp building and a love for spreading the good word skateboarding.